Stumptown Ales named West Virginia Brewery of the Year

“No brewery I can remember in West Virginia has created the consistent buzz that Stumptown has. Craft-centric bars want their beer. Growler shops want their beer. Beer geeks and hop-heads want their beer. A steady stream of folks converge on their taproom. Today, Stumptown is usually the first WV brewery folks mention when talking IPAs. More than any other brewery, they helped put WV on the map for America’s most popular beer style.” – Brilliant

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  1. Qualification first: I have been drinking Craft beer before it became popular. Started with the Beer of the Month Club about 25 years ago. I just bought a growler for the WV_Marshall game. Tried the Sassy Mojo. Verdict- This is one of the best brews that I have ever consumed. It has the smell and the depth and the taste and the balance. Awesome. It only 7:50 and I’m headed back to get another for the game. I will pass this along to Fireside grill in Teays Valley, WV as that is my most consistent drinking hole.


  2. I’d like to get a keg for my home. Is it available from a Morgantown or Fairmont distributor?

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