But not just any beer.
Highly-spirited, super-powered, hop-centric ales brewed in Davis, West Virginia.

Our Philosophy

We pay homage to hops, brew with passion and precision and embrace our town's storied history. We are Stumptown Ales.



IPA's rule our taps - from easy drinking sessions to life-changing triple's.  For us, life starts at the hop.



If you're going to do something, do it right.

"I'm not gonna put out a beer I don't like."

-Head Brewer Jon Robeson.



Timbering created Davis; back then you could hop through town on stumps. One hundred years later, new growth towers above.

Our Beer

Below is a taste of what's on tap any given weekend. We'll have each weekend's list on Facebook so be sure to follow us there.

Or just come on in and see what we're pouring!

Easy Blonde4.2% ABV

Made with Cascade and Centennial hops, this is our lightest ale for those searching for that easy drinking, smooth, sessionable ale.

Cave Dweller Pale Ale 5.9% ABV

This smooth, yet hoppy ale, is made using Stumptown Ales’ favorite hop – Citra – which provides plenty of tropical and citrus notes to the flavor.

Holy Citra! - Double IPA8.0% ABV

Double IPA brewed with loads of Citra hops. Bursting with tropical notes such as mango, papaya and pineapple, this ale is a favorite with our “hop-heads”.  Surprisingly smooth and drinkable for such a big beer, drink sparingly or you will find yourself “Citra-faced” as many of us have with this.

Sassy Mojo - Double IPA 8.0% ABV

Same recipe as our popular Holy Citra, except substituting Mosaic hops instead of Citra hops.  Just like Citra hops, Mosaic delivers abundant citrus notes, but then delivers much more – the  company who grows Mosaic claims people also note flavors such as pine, earthy, herbal, minty, bubblegum, blueberry or lime peel flavors.  Take your palate on a voyage and see what you discover! 


This murky looking IPA is for those who are willing to drink outside the box. We all know that a frog with six legs is more “hoppy” than a regular frog, and this holds true for this ale. Brewed with abundant Galaxy hops from Australia, this is a must-try for any true hop head.  Fruity hop flavors with very little bitterness.  She may not be beautiful, but she will blow your mind!

Lefty Lucy American Ale5.9% ABV

If you are looking for just another boring amber, this is not it.  In true Stumptown fashion, we have balanced a full dark amber ale with abundant hops to make this a truly unique, hoppy amber.  One of our crowd favorites.

PORTER? I Barley Knew Her! 6% ABV

Dark and flavorful, our porter is sure to satisfy those who love rich, malty ales.

Over the Tip Top Breakfast Stout 8% ABV

This “over the top” stout was brewed with cocoa nibs from Ghana, baker’s chocolate, fine coffee from our friends over at Tip Top Coffee Shop in Thomas.

WineYUP !

As hard as it is for us to imagine, not everyone loves beer as much as we do. That's why we have four kinds of wine available, just ask the bartender.

A beer drinker's brewery with high standards from the first beers introduced at the Cave. Skilled team, experimental minds, and just the right pub atmosphere. Bound For Glory!

Simply put, these guys know how to make seriously incredible beer!

I love this place! The beer is amazing, the bar itself is beautiful, the atmosphere is cozy and welcoming and the owners have an attention to detail that shows across the board. Right now my favorite beer in the world is Holy Citra! Trust me, it will change the way you drink beer. So happy they are open for business!

Davis, WV Location

Address 390 William Avenue, Davis, WV

Phone 304-259-5570



Monday - Thursday   5pm - 9pm
Friday   3pm - 9pm
Saturday    1pm - 10pm
Sunday    1pm - 7pm

Fairmont, WV Location


Monday - Thursday   3pm - 9pm
Friday   3pm - 10pm
Saturday    3pm - 10pm
Sunday    1pm - 7pm

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